The revolution in monitoring and analysis of surgical data that fits into a single digital video file.

It allows a critical evaluation and improvement of surgical techniques.

Advanced features and simplified data visualization.

Made in Brazil.



The purpose of Life Surgery Box is to record and analyze images and data for the monitoring of surgeries, contributing both to medical teaching and to the safety of the healthcare professionals and patient.

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Medical teaching
and occupational safety


Robust as with regard to data content and simple to use, Life Surgery Box synchronizes, in real- time, the events occurring during the surgical procedure with recording them with an endoscopic: anesthesia parameters, patient's multiparametric data, and the healthcare team's performance in the operating room.

Life Surgery Box captures, integrates, synchronizes, stores, and exports data produced by from different sources, facilitating the analysis after the surgical procedure.

In addition, the equipment is autonomous, which means that it does not require a local structure to store data and images.

The data, which is concentrated in a single video file, can be exported to different storage media, like USB output, local network, or directly to the cloud.

Maximum technology,
minimum space.


Actions and events in occurring in the operating room are recorded simultaneously in a single video, which contains audios and images recorded by the endoscopic endoscope camera and room camera (external). All of this is done in real time during the procedure.

The device also gathers all the data extracted from the vital signs multiparameter monitor multiparametric monitor (heart rate, breathing, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide level, body temperature, arterial pressure) and brain activity during anesthesia, recorded through the BIS (Bispectral Index) monitor. All the Information is stored in a SSD, and it can be exported through USB, Ethernet (internal network), or directly to the cloud. During the recording, snapshots can be taken using a simple foot switch.

The data recorded is encrypted and made available to a preset user with the procedure's login and password, which allows a fast and safe recovery of images and information.

img High storage capacity for hours of recording;
img Features for equipment operation through touch display, with object-oriented language (easy to use);
img Connections are isolated from medical instruments as per IEC 60601-1-1;
img Operations identified by user and password with encryption key;
img Output interface for transfer of encrypted files (events) (USB 3.0);
img No connection and no interaction with the patient;
img Foot switch for snapshots, stored in png and dem format (DICOM);
img Local player for the visualization of images from the laparoscopic camera and surgical environment containing sound and vital signs of the patient;
imgReal-time synchronism—all data recorded in a single file.

Made in Brazil,
produced according
to international standards

Life Surgery Box is a pioneer piece of equipment, developed fully by Brazilian science.

More then three years were taken to create and improve this piece of equipment. It is a successful partnership between RILAP, a company specializing in medical technology and CPQD (Telecommunications R&D Center), one of the top ICT centers in Brazil; supported by the federal government through EMBRAPII (Brazilian Company of Research and Industrial Innovation) and SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service). The entire manufacturing processes of the Life Surgery Box prototypes is made by FIT - Institute of Technology, a national non-profit organization and a leader in the development of technological solutions for several industries from different segments.